The Model Art & Design Company will design, and produce the precise solution to any and all of your Presentation, Visitor Attraction, and Corporate Identity developmental problems.

Whether it be a production line scale-model of Trojan, the British Army's latest breakthrough tank for BAE Systems, or a precise half-scale, 5 metre wing-span replica of the Colditz escape-glider for Imperial War Museum North, MA&D deliver on time and on-budget - every time.

Our sublimely skilled Craftsmen (and Women), will take your brief on Design-for-print, Illustration, Interior Design, Corporate Identity Development, Advertising/ Marketing Analysis, and Model making. Their combined 120-plus years of experience in the delivery of such solutions across the board, is your guarantee of satisfaction and profit maximisation.

The ensuing pages contain just some of the campaigns, and campaign-components produced by various key members of our workforce in recent years. Amongst them you will find household names such Asda, Iceland, The Imperial War Museum North, The new Fusilier Museum, Bob the Builder, and Roary the Racing Car. BAE Systems Land now utilise the sterling silver models cast from our masters, as selling-aids in their promotion of British products around the world.

Cast an eye over our sample portfolio sections, and rest assured that no matter what you, or your clients requirements may be, we at Model Art & Design will deliver, on time and on budget  every time!

Contact us anytime on 0161 653 7108 or 07816454596. e-mail:, or see our model shop on the ground floor of the 'Fusilier Museum', Bury, Lancashire. Our offices and Workshop are in the basement, and can be viewed by prior appointment.