Throughout 2011, modelartanddesign have been commissioned to undertake the refurbishment of the Fusilier Museum's ancient and venerable collection of dioramas. These dioramas have been built by extraordinarily skilled individuals, across the preceding eight decades. They depict such diverse conflicts as the Battle of Minden in 1759, Omdurman in 1898 and the most extraordinary one which we are showcasing first - the Battle of the Alma during the Crimean War. This will be the subject of our first restoration. This beautifully appointed 'boxed' and illuminated diorama depicts the charge of the Fusiliers at the Alma, and is recreated in lead! The individual soldiers have survived remarkably well, given that these items, which were created from scratch in the late 1920s, usually oxidise at an alarming rate. It is our task to undertake a painstaking renovation, demonstrating great sympathy to the subject, and respect for the individuals whom created what has become a venerable artefact in its' own right.

The Minden and Omdurman dioramas were created in the 1960s, in order to help commemorate the amalgamation of all the Fusilier Regiments. The dioramas were all incorporated into the exhibition which toured in 1968, and were populated by 'Airfix' figures, suitably converted and painted. The 'missing' diorama was arguably the best one. This diorama measured approximately 4 feet square, and depicted the assault on 'W' beach, Gallipoli 1915. The Airfix British Infantry of WW1 were flanked by a beautifully rendered model of the heavy cruiser, HMS Euryalus from which the Lancashire Fusiliers came ashore in small 'lighter'  craft. We intend that this be recreated later this year in a 1/72nd scale diorama, with the help of the Fusilier's 'Friends Society'.